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Would you like to live where you work or work where you live? Penn Quarter offers that and much more. It includes countless eateries, diverse cultural venues, thriving sporting arenas, and vibrant shopping hotspots. It is conveniently located within four nearby metro stops, making travel easy and providing everything you need to experience true urban living. It IS the new downtown. Hip, trendy, and exciting, PQ is a great place to visit, but it is an even better place to live.

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Penn Quarter Living: Food Trucks in Downtown DC

Who doesn’t love a good Food Truck – in fact, it is becoming a bit of a national obsession! These days, Food Trucks aren’t just a place to buy hot dogs.. they are so much more than that! They are gourmet kitchens on wheels! Recently there has been some great news for the DC area … Read More »

Penn Quarter Living: D.C. Ranks in Top 10 Bikeable Cities Nationwide

I know I have written before about popular Penn Quarter/Washington DC amenities like the Capital Bikeshare. But this is just the tip of the biking iceberg in DC! In fact, due to recently released figures, Washington DC ranks in the top 10 Bikable cities in the entire country! There is a new ranking by Bike … Read More »

Penn Quarter Living: Time to buy now – Inventory Down, Prices Up 15%!

Due to it’s central location, Penn Quarter has always been a popular relocation choice for many people looking for a great, friendly neighborhood to live in that is in the heart of the nations capital. However, as I have said before, it can also be a sound financial investment. Just like much of the nation … Read More »